András László Nagy was born in Budapest in the center of Hungary. He studied visual arts and classical music hoping to find the best possible way to combine the two.
The right time came in 2012 he faced his own future through a building projection which proved to be a milestone in shaping his own vision. Meanwhile he was studying audio engineering he had the possibility to gain experience in renowned Hungarian clubs and venues where he came across plenty of like minded artists who had an inspiring impact on his career.
It started to dawn on him that the supportive Hungarian light art community would become his second home. He contributed in small scale projects for a few years, and then the breakthrough came in 2016 when he could finally focus on his own interests.

He made several audio-visual installations and performances, and began to run TouchDesigner workshops. In these classes he enjoyed passing on his knowledge and realtime media experience. After many successful world wide events he was invited to jurying and represent TouchDesigner in the Moscow Art Vision festival 2018.

The main focus point in his work is to find innovative visual language in the field of generative and interactive media. His unique style is well recognizable from its abstract minimalistic elements.
He is constantly looking for ways of improving himself and finding new challenges and inspiration.

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